How to open guest rooms

Will you enjoy entertaining strangers? And are you sufficiently available? These are the first questions you should ask yourself before starting to create one or more guest rooms. This activity requires organization and time.

First of all you have to find a real estate, to do this you have to turn to the real estate sites. Once your rooms are open, you won’t lack things to do: breakfast preparation, cleaning, telephone and physical reception, accounting and management, all without losing your smile!

Creating guest rooms: involving the whole family

It is imperative to discuss the project with your family, as this work goes beyond the usual professional boundaries, as guests are welcomed in your main residence.

Don’t forget to do your calculations, especially if you rely on this activity to ensure you have enough income to live on. According to the Gîtes de France, a two-bedroom guest house has an average annual turnover of $18,590, which is an additional income if you are newly retired or if your spouse works.

Define the feasibility of the project

Before you start, carry out a survey and identify your competitors by consulting the list of bed and breakfast rooms available in the town hall and by studying their prices, the level of their services, etc.

This quick market study will allow you to refine your project, to choose your formula: to propose similar activities and a similar level of services, or to reach a different target. If you choose to join a national label, get closer to the professionals of the local branches, their advice at this stage of the creation being precious.

Evaluate the work

People who enjoy this type of vacation are generally looking for a nest in which they feel comfortable, but at the same time they are away from it all. Ask yourself if the house you own or plan to buy can accommodate your project, and examine its location: region, attractions, presence of a body of water, etc. You are limited to five bedrooms for a maximum capacity of 15 people at the same time. Furnished, they must each have access (directly or indirectly) to a bathroom and toilet.

Make a list of the work and equipment needed to accommodate your future clients, and imagine a tasteful decoration.

Choose the services of your guest rooms

You are free to propose cultural or sporting activities (mushroom picking, hiking, fishing, etc.), or a table d’hôte, a service much appreciated by tourists, as these guest houses have a higher occupancy rate.

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